Get Online.

Depending on your preference, we utilise either Google or Microsoft Cloud apps to collaborate with you. If you don't use either of these currently, we are more than happy to help you get set up.


Schedule Spreadsheet.

We will set up a collaborative online spreadsheet for you, utilising Microsoft Excel Online or Google Sheets, (depending on your preference). Event Co-Ordinators can enter details as and when they are available, and your account manager will monitor the spreadsheet meaning you don't need to send a single email, as changes appear instantaneously.
Along with the course details, a status column shows where the course printing is up to, from waiting for files, to shipped and everything in between.
This provides additional benefits, as it means there is a single place where all event co-ordinators across your team can input and view course details, eliminating issues caused by holidays or illness, and reducing internal emails.


File Management.

Finally, we will set up a folder system within the Microsoft/Google online app for each course, with new folders being added for bespoke courses. You upload the relevant files for a course, and we make any necessary adjustments, then upload a proof to the same folder for sign off. Once again, this provides a single place where all content can be accessed, changes such as files and proofs being uploaded are represented on the schedule, so at a glance everyone can see the status of each course.